Private Residence - Eden, NC - 11/15/08

*** House Blessing 12/6/08 ***


Investigators Present:

David Scott

Christopher Pressley

Anne Pressley

Shelley Jessup


Case Manager Notes

Client Claims:


-            Hearing footsteps

-            Seeing black masses and shadows

-            Pictures falling off of wall

-            A Valance that fell off a wall

-           Seeing white & green lights

-            Sliding glass door that shattered

-            Door knobs turning and opening doors



Tech Manager Notes


Equipment & placement

Mini DV Video Camera - Living Room
Incandescent Black Light - Living Room
Digital Camera - Held by Christopher
EMF Meter - Held by Christopher
Motion Sensor 1 - Child's Play Room
Motion Sensor 2 - Attic
Motion Sensor Monitor - Living Room
Faraday Box - Child's Play Room
Olympus Voice Recorder 1 - Attic
Olympus Voice Recorder 2 - Attic
Sony Stereo Voice Recorder - Child's Play Room (Inside Faraday Box
RCA Voice Recorder 1 - Kitchen
RCA Voice Recorder 2 - Attic
RCA Voice Recorder 3 - Master Bedroom
RCA Voice Recorder 4 - Living Room
Olympus Analog Recorder - Held by Dave
Laptop w/ Stereo Mic - Master Bedroom



Baseline Readings

Temperature    -    72ş

EMF               -    1.4 mG

o       This reading is a little high for a constant reading throughout the house.  In some rooms, in the middle of the room, the reading would go up to 2 or 3 mG.  Due to the house being so old, it's possible the wiring is unshielded and therefore flooding the house with EMF.  One outlet was observed having a reading of 16.2 mG when all switches were on.



This case comes to us as a referral from our friends at North American Paranormal Society. The N.A.P.S team called us in for a second opinion on this case, and to have the home itself blessed at the request of the client to help them feel better and put them at ease. We were very happy to help N.A.P.S and the client.


This was a local case for both of our teams as it is here in North Carolina. Some of the claims of activity included the following; hearing footsteps, pictures falling off the walls, a valance that fell off a wall, seeing white lights, sliding glass door that shattered, a mirror that shattered, door knobs turning and doors opening, and seeing a shadow, and a man. The client also reported that the activity seems to increase at or around 3am.


We arrived at the home at approximately 6:45pm on November 15th, 2008. Eric from N.A.P.S also met us at the home. Upon our arrival we were given a tour of the home to show us where the activity had been taking place. When the tour was completed we set up our equipment around the home. (See Tech Manager notes for placement)


The investigation started with David using Religious Provocation with Anne and Shelley accompanying him, while Chris stayed outside with the client. (David received permission to use Religious Provocation during the investigation before coming.) 


He began in the basement and worked his way up to the attic. While he, Anne, and Shelley were in the basement and Chris and the client were outside, the motion sensor in the child’s room was triggered.  During Religious Provocation in the basement, David, Anne, and Shelley heard two stomps coming from somewhere in the house above them.  This stomping was not captured on any audio however, so it can only be chalked up to a personal experience and not be as evidence.  When David, Anne, and Shelley moved upstairs to continue provoking, Shelley heard whispering in her ear but couldn’t make out what it was saying. That was a significant personal experience because we were able to capture several EVP’s of whispering. Once the provoking had moved to the attic and was completed, Chris and the clients came back inside and we started doing EVP work around the home. Anne and Shelley along with the client did EVP work in the child’s room and master bedroom. David and Chris did EVP work in the attic and basement. During the investigation Anne and Shelley both reported feeling uneasy when in the child’s room. This also turned out to be significant as we captured some EVP’s from this room, and the motion sensor that was in it had been triggered when no one was in that part of the home.


The investigation was completed around 9:45pm. We did not stay long because the home had already had a detailed investigation by N.A.P.S and we were contacted for a second opinion and to perform a house blessing per the request of the client.  The purpose of our investigation was to determine whether or not this was a demonic haunt, and if so, to see how strong and active it is. We have been able to debunk some of the claims as non-paranormal, but at the same time we do believe that there is some type of paranormal activity in the home. We did capture one EVP of something whispering into one of the recorders while Religious Provocation was being performed, so a demonic haunt can not be ruled out entirely. It seems to be more of an intelligent haunt, with that of a human spirit in visitation. Some of the claims of activity are signs of a demonic haunt though.


It is very possible that there could be a weak demon, and it is still in the infestation stage and does not yet have a foot hold.  Once the house blessing is performed we will know for sure. Below you will find some of the EVP’s that were captured during the investigation. 




(*) This EVP was captured during Religious Provocation in the basement. In it you will hear what sounds like something hitting the recorder and then whispering into it.



This EVP was captured in the basement. In it you will hear something walking up or down the steps in the basement. No one was in this part of the house when this was captured.



This EVP was captured in the client’s child’s room.  It sounds like it is saying “Come in”.



This EVP was captured in the kitchen while the team and client were doing EVP work on the other side of the home. It is a faint whisper, but it’s hard to determine what it is saying.



This EVP was captured in the office. This too was captured while EVP work was being done on the opposite end of the home. It sounds like a loud whisper of “Hey”.




House Blessing - 12/6/2008


The team arrived to the client’s home around 11:15 a.m. on December 6, 2008.  Upon arrival we went over the evidence that was captured from the investigation with the client before we began. We are happy to report that the client advised us that there had been little, to no activity since the night of the investigation, and, that she no longer has any problems staying in the home by herself or entering the attic alone. Before the investigation she felt very uncomfortable doing either one of these two things, so, she usually didn’t. The binding that David performed during the investigation obviously worked well. 


We began to set up equipment around the house around 11:45 a.m. We set up audio in the living room, office, dining room, master bedroom, the child’s room, and the attic. We also placed motion sensors in the child’s room and attic.  David started in the basement and worked his way throughout the home, doing the attic last. The house blessing itself took just over an hour, and no one on the team had any experiences of any kind. The blessing went well, and the team headed out around 1 p.m. 


Since we were unable to capture any significant EVP's during the house blessing that usually occur, we feel that this was NOT a demonic haunt. Since the house blessing the client has reported no activity and feels completely comfortable in the home.



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