Spirt vs. Spirit

By David Scott / Religious Demonologist


One of the main issues that all paranormal teams have is trying to figure out what type of spirit they’re dealing with. This can be very difficult, if not impossible for some if they do not know what to look out for as far as activity is concerned, as well as what the client describes concerning how things (activity) in the home makes them feel.

In this article I will be addressing the subject of identifying spirits; that is how to go about doing it properly, and successfully.

First of all, there are three (3) different types of spirits. They are angelic, demonic, and human spirit visitation. Each spirit has its own reason and or purpose for being there, as well as things that they do, etc. I will now go over each one individually so as to better explain their differences.

Angelic Spirits
Angelic spirits are good spirits. They are there to protect, deliver messages, and to comfort. An angelic spirit will always be accompanied by a sense of peace, love, safety, and will always glorify God and His Majesty. Depending upon why an angelic spirit is present, it may even be there to heal. Whether or not that healing is something physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual all goes back to why it’s there in the first place. If a person is dealing with an angelic spirit, there will never be any harmful or negative activity; physically or otherwise. This is because the angelic spirit is there through God’s orders and is carrying out the assignment that He has given it. The abilities and powers that all angels have are through God’s grace and used in service to Him. Their powers are not their own, and never have been. All angels answer directly to God, and will do nothing without His wishing it, ordering it, or allowing it. When a person is in the presence of an angel, and they feel those feelings of peace and love, it is because God wants the person to know and understand that the angel(s) are from Him, and that He is allowing it.

Just as God is pure, love, and kindness, so too will be the angles that He sends that represent Him. Everyone has a piece of God within them self, so, when something of His is around we will know that because that part of Him that is within us will let us know.

There will never be any mistaking it; especially if the person is a Christian.

Demonic Spirits

Demonic spirits are the exact opposite to angelic spirits in every way. Despite what some people want to believe, there is no such thing as a good or benevolent demonic spirit.
When dealing with the demonic, you are of course dealing with pure evil; the diabolical.
The sole purpose of a demon is to harass, attack, persecute, and destroy mankind.

The demonic spirit despises and hates everything of God, including God Himself. Mankind is at the very top of the list because we were created in the image of God, have a special relationship with Him that they will never have, and because of God’s love for us and our place above all other things created by Him. Most often, a demon is brought into one’s life by some form of the occult, something extremely negative or bad that happened to the person, or they moved into a location that was already infested with the demonic. When a person is dealing with a demonic spirit there will always be negative activity of some kind. However, depending on how far along this process is with the demon will determine what type of negative activity is taking place. When a person is in the presence of a demon they will usually have feelings of dread and or fear. This is because God wants the person to know and understand that something evil is around, thus you need to be wary of it and be on your guard.

For Christians, this feeling will come from the Holy Spirit that is within the person; much like an alarm system. When a person has these feelings of dread and or fear, they should never ignore them, but take notice of them. God has complete control of all demons, and He has limited their powers too. With that being the case though, demons still do have more power over non-Christians than they do Christians. It is also important to note that even Christians can and will be attacked and persecuted by the demonic just like anyone else should one be brought into their (The Christian’s) life. A demonic spirit will often attack its intended target when the person is at their weakest. Whether or not this weakness is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual doesn’t really matter. Once these attacks have begun, the demon has usually already learned everything it needs to know about that person. As stated earlier, demons do have limited power. However, they can still do things that we as humans can not really comprehend. Some of the abilities and powers that demons do have that’s been very well documented is lifting objects of any size and weight, causing extreme temperature changes in a room or home, make things disappear and show up in other places, they can make things appear out of nowhere (Apporting) that may not even belong to the people in the home, appear as people and animals (There will always be something wrong with the form), they can make people see things that aren’t really there (Psychic Attacks), and when they do cause physical attacks they can cause scratches, bruising, choking, punching, burning, etc. Furthermore, demons can also influence and possess people that aren’t protected. I have covered the subject of “Possession” already so I will not get into that here, and I will be writing an article on “Demonic Influence” soon that explains what that is; so I will not get into the details of that here either. Again, all of these abilities and powers that demons have are under the full control of God, and He limits them with what they can do, and how far they can go. Also, there are certain phases that the demon must go through before it can do anything at all to a person. That means certain things must happen both in part with the person, and the demon that is attacking them. Basically, it means that the demon must first be brought into an individual’s life in some way before it can begin its attack and persecution of the person. After the demon has been brought into the person’s life, other certain decisions must be made by the person before the demon can continue in its attacks, etc.

Human Spirit

The next spirit is the human spirit. Just as angels and demons are talked about in the Bible, human spirits are too. It is a fact that human spirits can come in visitation to us if God so wishes it. In the Bible God allowed human spirits to return after their death for His purposes. For example, we have the story of King Saul, Samuel, and the Medium in the Old Testament in which God allowed Samuel to return in order to teach King Saul a lesson. There is also the story of the Mount of Transfiguration in which Elijah and Moses returned to talk with Jesus before He was crucified. There have been many well documented cases of people experiencing human spirits in visitation. However, it is very important to remember that if this happens it is only because God is allowing it for His purposes, and it will end at the appointed time. There will not be anything that anyone can do about it, nor will it last long. Just as angels will not cause any negative activity or harm to anyone, when a human spirit is in visitation there will be no negative activity or attacks. Furthermore, the human spirit will appear as it did in life, they are just deceased. There will not be anything wrong with the spirit at all. For example, there will not be any body parts missing, blood, or anything horrific looking. Even if the person was in a terrible accident they will not return in visitation looking like they were when they were injured and died. It’s common sense that a spirit can not have “missing parts”, nor is there any blood in the spirit.

When anyone reports seeing a spirit that is “decapitated” and or “bloody looking” in some way; that will always be demonic, and has always been proven so. It is also a fact that a human spirit will never come in visitation as a black shadow or black humanoid form. That too always indicates a demonic spirit and has been proven over and over again. I can not stress enough that “shadow people” are actually demons. Shadow figures and black masses are always demonic in nature. Demons are evil and represent darkness; that is why they appear that way. A human spirit will never appear in that way and I can and have proven it. Also, there will not be any type of activity taking place in the home that the human spirit would not have been able to cause in life. In most of the reported cases of human spirit visitation, the spirit is simply there to let a loved one know that they are okay, or they are there to comfort their loved one for a period of time. In some other cases the human spirit was there to protect a loved one. When that was completed, the spirit left and never returned. So, like angelic spirits, with a human spirit there will be accompanying feelings of love, peace, and no fear. Bottom line, spirits are all around us; this is a fact. The Bible teaches that we are to “Test the Spirits” because they are all around us. So, why would God tell us not only to test the spirits, but also tell us how to test them if there were only demonic spirits? He tells us to do those things because there are angelic, demonic, and human spirits that exist. We need to know how to tell the difference in these spirits so that we will not be mislead by any demonic spirit that is trying to portray itself as an angelic or human spirit. Demonic spirits will use deceit as often as possible to gain entry into someone’s life. So, to avoid that, we are to test any spirits that present themselves to us. All three (3) spirits that I have listed above are real. It’s up to us to learn how to distinguish between spirits, and how to deal with them properly, if you’re able to at all. I will now address how to deal with these different types of spirits, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent any returns in the future.  

Taking Action

When dealing with an angelic or human spirit in visitation, there’s really nothing that can be done about it, as I stated earlier. All we can do is listen to any messages that they may have, and or be reassured and thankful if they were sent to protect us in some way.

As I also stated earlier, no one can get rid of an angelic or human spirit in visitation because it will be there for God’s purposes, thus it will end at the appointed time; that of course being God’s time and no one else’s. When it does end, it will leave at that time because the job or mission has been carried out in full. When dealing with the demonic, there are plenty of things that can be done to deal with it. However, it must be understood that certain things not only need to be done, but must also be done properly. This is where most people and or teams make mistakes, mistakes that will cause things to become much worse; sometimes for everyone involved, and not just the client.
Once the demonic spirit has been identified, and the person or team that is helping the client has figured out how, when, and why the demon is there, they must then begin the process of expelling it; that is the proper process. In order to do this the Church must be called in. Only through the power of God can a demon be made to leave when the time comes to expel it. Nothing, I repeat nothing else will work when expelling a demon.

This falls into the hands of the Church and its designees. Unlike what some people want to believe, not just anyone can go into a home and expel a demon from it. Anyone can go through “the motions” of performing a house blessing to drive out a demon. However, it won’t work properly if the person doesn’t have the authority and permission of the Church to do it. Also, the person must be specially trained in Spiritual Warfare to do a house blessing properly. Otherwise, that person will only make things worse for the client that they’re trying to help, as well as them self. Having the best intentions is not good enough, nor will it help unless the person has the authority to do so. Demons know who’s a threat to them and who isn’t.

It is so very important to always remember to call in the Church for help when dealing with the demonic. If and when the Church has been contacted, and it can come and help, there are things that the client can do until the Church arrives; especially if it can’t get there for a few days or more. If that is the case, and you’re the client, don’t allow yourself to become discouraged, but instead, do the things I have listed below until your help arrives. It is very important to understand that the actions listed below must never be used unless something is happening in the home. This is because if there’s no activity in the home, and you begin to walk around your home quoting scripture, etc. the demon will only see and hear what is going on as an attack against itself or a challenge. When this happens, it will usually retaliate and attack. However, if there is activity taking place in the home that is scaring or bothering you in anyway, you may certainly do one of the following things to help combat it. First of all, reading scripture out loud in the home when activity is taking place will help. The reading of scripture is extremely painful to all demons and they will protest it, or get as far away from it as they can. Secondly, you can also rebuke the demon and anything that it’s doing in the name of Jesus Christ. It is important to remember though that when either one of these things are done, you must show no fear, mean what you say, and have complete faith in it that it will work. It is also important to note here that when you do this, the demon will sometimes increase the activity that is currently taking place in the home. When this happens, it’s because the demon is trying to scare you into submission, thereby causing you to stop what you are doing. If that does happen the demon will gain even more strength and power over you simply because it made you stop; it was a victory for the demon. When taking action against demonic activity, it literally becomes a battle of wills so don’t stop. No matter how much worse the activity gets you must keep going. If you do, the demon will stop eventually. This can be done for any type of activity in the home, it’s just a matter of remembering to do it, believe in it, and do not back down. These actions on your part must continue until the Church can come in and do their job to get rid of it. Again, the actions that you can use against the demon must never be used unless something is happening in the home. Otherwise, it is going to take what you do as an attack against itself or a challenge. If that is the case, it will respond. I can’t stress enough that quoting scripture is a defense against the demonic, and should only be used as such. Having stated that, you have now been warned. Once the Church comes in to do their job and expel the demon from the home, it is always a good idea to set up some counseling too. This will help to teach you how, when, why, what, and where the demon came into your life. I always offer counseling to my clients so as to help bring them some closure. I won’t get into all of the counseling aspects here because I will be writing an article called “The Importance of Counseling” soon that can be read here in the Articles Link. It is also extremely important to learn how to prevent everything from happening again; in other words, how to keep the demon from coming back. If all of these steps are not taken and or done properly, even with a house blessing having been performed, the demon will most likely return. If that happens, things will be a lot worse than they were the first time around.

In closing, you should always make sure to find the proper help; not only to determine what type of spirit you’re dealing with, but to also get rid of it properly. If everything isn’t done the correct way it will only make things worse, thus making the battle even more difficult and drawn out. No case has to be hard to deal with; they are made that way when people make the wrong decisions or just fail to do things properly. When that happens it is usually because they looked for a quick-fix, or the people they called in for help did not know what they were doing. It could also be because someone in the home or case in question did not do their part. I’m sad to say that the problem of family not helping each other is more common than people realize, and it most certainly makes things more complicated.

When or if a quick fix is used, it will never work, and when dealing with a demonic spirit you will only be allowing the demon to tighten its grip. When you have found the proper help, you need to explain everything that has been going on, when it started, etc. If you hold anything back or you aren’t being completely honest and upfront with the people that are trying to help, then you won’t be able to get the proper help. Just as a puzzle needs all of its pieces in order to be solved correctly, the people called in to help need all of the pieces to solve your problem correctly. Always do what is right, not what is easy. It may take longer, but, if you do what you’re supposed to, you will win in the end.



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