What is a Demonologist?

By David G. Scott / Religious Demonologist


This page is for a specific reason. That reason is to educate people on what exactly a Religious Demonologist is. A R. Demonologist is a person (male or female) that studies demons, devils, their powers, limitations, origins, reason for existence, etc. Most people believe that if they read one or two books about demons that they are R. Demonologists. This couldn't be further from the truth! To be a R. Demonologist you have to continually study more than a dozen different subjects. Some of those subjects are Anthropology, Psychology, Theology, and that's not even scratching the surface. You also have to study, and be knowledgeable in subjects like Voodoo, Witchcraft, etc. Even more importantly, you have to have support and backing from the church.

The church and only the church can label someone a Religious Demonologist. This is because a person and their work must be blessed by the church, as well as receives training from an ordained Pastor, Priest, etc. in certain subjects. Unfortunately many people get into this field and don't realize what they’re getting themselves into. Demonology IS NOT something you can do as a hobby. Demonology is truly a lifestyle. Any R. Demonologist will tell you this. Some R. Demonologist will tell you that you’re either born to do it or your not. I personally believe that I was born to do this, and that I was called by God to do it.

Another important aspect of being a Religious Demonologist is that you have to be a born-again Christian. Simply believing in God is not quite enough. I say that because even the demons themselves believe, and know that God does exist. Now then, when I say born-again Christian I mean you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Savior and put your full trust and faith in him. When you go to a case that may be demonic you need to be protected supernaturally. I say this because of the simple fact that you can and will eventually be attacked. Not only can these demons attack you at the site of the investigation, but they can and will follow you home. Why would they follow you home you may be asking? Because they will do whatever they need to or can do to dissuade you from helping the people they are attacking. This is why any R. Demonologist will tell you it's a lifestyle, because they accept the fact that this could happen, and will happen eventually. It goes with the territory. We are ready for it if it happens, and we know what to do when it happens. 

When you go into someone else's home that is under demonic attack you can't turn tail and run when things start to happen or you get scared. People are depending on you, and have put their trust and faith in you that you'll help them, and stick with them until the very end or until the problem has been resolved. Demonology is not for the faint hearted. Nor is it for the weak minded, or anyone who scares easily. You must have a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ, a strong serious mind and personality, and a deep caring and compassion for your fellow man/woman, as well as a strong inner strength. If you don't have these things on your side, you won't last long in this field. Demonology is a very, very serious and dangerous field of work and study. I hope that you have found this article both informative and helpful.

Always be wary of anyone who claims to be a Religious Demonologist. Question them. Ask them what they have studied, where they received their training, etc. Make them earn your trust; don't just give it to them. Ask for references.

God Bless



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