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Reality of Demonologist Training


Welcome to North American Demonic Paranormal. Our team specializes in demonic haunts.  We have assisted other groups around the U.S. (Including TAPS Affiliates) to investigate whether or not the claims of activity in homes, businesses, etc. are demonic or not.  Please feel free to look around our website. If you have any questions, or feel like you need an investigation, don't hesitate to contact us.

 The NADP Team


One of our own investigators, Shelley Jessup, has been working on a blog where people can talk and get advice from a Christian standpoint.  This goes from things about Heaven, ordinary everyday human life, demons, spiritual warfare, Biblical times, ect.


To check out her work, please visit:


NADP Mission Statement

We at N.A.D.P will investigate and determine whether or not the claims of paranormal activity in a home or business to be demonic in nature.  We will gather the evidence needed to get the church involved and expel a demonic presence from the property.  We will educate clients as well as the general public on the field and study of Religious Demonology.

What to expect from NADP

The NADP team, including the Religious Demonolgist, will come into your home or place in question and attempt to gather evidence of demonic activity. If we believe that it is necessary, and have the owner's permission, the Religious Demonologist will perform religious provocation to make the demon show itself.

If any evidence is obtained, it will then be submitted to the church of the client so it can take the necessary steps to expel the demon from the home or place of business.  Please note that it may take several investigations to gather enough evidence to get the church to intervene.  If for some reason, the client's church does not or simply can not help for whatever reason, our Religious Demonologist can and will bless the home for the client if they wish.  Our Religious Demonologist has been given the authority by the church to bless homes if deemed necessary. We will always be available to offer the client any advice, comfort, and or support that may be needed. Finally, we will follow up with the client after the case has been resolved or closed to help with any after effects the activity in the home may have caused.

N.A.D.P does not, and will not charge a fee for any services rendered.  We only schedule about two cases a month so as to be able to give each client the time they need and deserve.  If your case is more than 4 hours from our base of operations we may ask for some help with the expenses for gas and/or lodging. Please know that if you can not help it will not prevent N.A.D.P from helping you in any way.


* Announcement *

Due to the heavy case load, NADP cannot take on any more cases at this time.



Check out this book written by our own investigator, Christopher Anderson at these websites.




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